Modesto Junk Company’s computerized recycling program can be individually designed and formatted for your recycling center and/or scrap yard. Although customized to meet our needs on FileMaker Pro database software, we believe that our ready to use recycling program is the one for you!

As Modesto’s #1 Recycler, we long ago felt the need to find the most efficient, flexible, and reliable computer program on the market, and we did it with FileMaker Pro software. Although there are many canned programs on  the market designed for our industry, we have found that by designing and formatting our own system on FileMaker Pro, we have the most flexible and user friendly software database to meet our needs. It’s great for the professional computer programmer and easy to work with for beginning computer users. It can be easily formatted for PCs or Apple computers.

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We believe that our company has the most modern, state-of-the-art recycling program on the market today, and one so reliable and comprehensive in design that we can offer to sell to other recyclers. From data input layout form for customers to final receipt from cashier, reliable transactions are just seconds away. Complete with daily totals, CRV logs, relookups, cashier sheets, pre-programmed prices, editing, driver’s license scanning capabilities, the latest security, archiving, DR 6s, and more…our system should be the one for you!

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