School recycling programs are essential to creating community norms for recycling. A team of motivated teachers, staff and/or students are key to the success of school recycling fundraisers. Everyone benefits in helping to green the environment by recycling otherwise throw-away items from home and school, raising money for their school, and working in a team building way.

Modesto Junk Company, Inc. Recycling Center helped raise money for local schools, student body councils, and other on campus school-wide groups for many years. Through our Green-at-School initiative thousands of dollars were raised for local schools. Along with ensuring the highest prices paid, we provided free containers for the collection of recycables, and a free pick-up service for items collected.

Over time, however, as more and more households have been recycling on their own, the amount collected as various school sites in the area diminished considerably. With these developments, we are no longer able to offer free bin services for recycling at local schools.

As long time recyclers ourselves, however, we have some helpful hints and ideas about how schools can start or enhance their own recycling programs. We can be contacted at