Recycling company installs latest environmentally productive equipment; web upgrade and enhancements make site even more user-friendly

Modesto, CA – March 17, 2009 –

Modesto Junk Company, Inc. once again advances an economic stimulus benefit to Modesto and local neighboring communities – by buying and installing the latest and environmentally productive equipment: a Harris manufactured 2009 Badger two ram baler.
Helping to create a recession solution for our local community, Modesto Junk Company, Inc. has four (4) of the best pieces of equipment on the market for all baling processes, including ferrous (iron/steel) and non-ferrous (aluminum, brass, cardboard, copper, stainless steel) materials. With this latest addition at its two acre site in downtown Modesto (9th and N Streets), the company accelerates its leadership in the scrap metal and recycling industry.
The company now has a fleet of the most efficient and environmentally sound equipment (quite possibly more so than any other scrap yard or recycling center in the nation) used for the processing of all scrap metals: from scrap metal byproducts generated from manufacturing to industrial, commercial and retail businesses, and to household items – California Redemption Value (CRV) aluminum cans, glass, and plastic, in Modesto and throughout Central California.

“Modesto and its people and community is our life”, says Jeff Highiet, Director of Operations. “We are proud to participate in the economic recovery of our community and country.”
In addition to the baler installation, the company significantly renovated its web site,, making upgrades and enhancements to be more noticeably user-friendly and easier to navigate. The redesign was completed by Modesto’s Desiree Cervantes Holden of Digital Enlightenment, and provides visitors a comprehensive amount of educational and informational content. Now featured is the company’s first YouTube posting, where this local business can be seen in action.