Selected from among 3.7 million small companies in California

Modesto, CA – May 21, 2008 –

Modesto Junk Company, Inc. proudly announces that it has been selected to receive the 2008 California Small Business Award.  The Company will be honored at the 2008 California Small Business Day in Sacramento on May 28th by State Assemblyman Tom Berryhill of Assembly District 25.

Modesto Junk Company is a full service scrap yard and recycling center, centrally located in downtown Modesto (on 9th Street, between ‘N’ & ‘O’ streets).  The Company processes more than sixty million pounds of metals and recyclables each year on its two-acre site, which is then shipped to domestic and international consumers of scrap metals.

The eighty-eight year old Company was founded in 1920 by Alex Highiet, a Russian immigrant, who came to Modesto from Stockton to marry his wife, Nettie Zeff.  Four generations later, the business is still run by the Highiet family at its original location:

  • President, Harvey Highiet, son of founder Alex
  • Operations Manager, Jeff Highiet, grandson of Alex
  • Administrative Assistant, Keith Highiet, great-grandson of Alex
  • Office Assistant & Cashier, Alexis Highiet, great-granddaughter of Alex

The Company is the local industry and regional leader in environmental efforts, is a supporter of a number of community service organizations, and is a key partner and resource for local law enforcement, working to combat metal theft crimes.

The California Small Business Award and California Small Business Day is sponsored annually by thirty-one small business organizations and chambers throughout the State of California.  The annual award was created from the California Assembly passing a resolution in 2000 to honor small businesses.