For Immediate Release: 1100 Ton Shear Force

1100 Ton Shear Force – 1st Ever NCS Model Shear in California – First Quarter 2019

Modesto Junk Company (located 1425 9th Street, Modesto, CA since 1920) is on the growth cycle again, investing in the community recycling efforts by purchasing a new 1100-ton Stationary/Shear/Baler/Logger from Metso Metal Recycling Equipment, San Antonio, TX. The new shear will be installed at The New Tin Yard on Kansas Avenue the first quarter of 2019. Director of Operations, Mr. Jeff Highiet and Asst. Mgr. Keith Highiet, state that Modesto Junk Company is committed to provide the community with state-of-the-art processing equipment to support the increase in recycling efforts in the community, county, and Central California.

The new shear will increase Modesto Junk Company’s ability and capability to process ferrous scrap at higher production volumes and will also allow them to process heavier scrap materials than their existing shearing equipment. “This new shear will enable us to process over 80 million
pounds of ferrous materials per year and continue to provide the community and surrounding areas throughout Central
California a centralized location for their scrap metal needs and processing”, commented Jeff Highiet.

Keith Highiet, 4th generation of this almost 100-year-old business, states that “this new shear/baler will also compliment business activities from our main yard on 9th street and will provide support for the up and coming 5th generation of family Highiet’s, Kaleb (7), Hunter (4), and Oliver (6 months)”. Keith was also recently selected for 2018 as one of the “20 under 40” leaders of the community as chosen by The Modesto Bee.

The shear will be located at a site called “The New Tin Yard” just off of Kansas Avenue (623 Kansas Avenue), near Highway 99, exit Kansas Avenue Northbound. Some of the company’s current commercial and industrial business will be directed there to feed the new shear. Furthermore, scrap metal intake from throughout Central and Northern California will increase due to the production and efficiency capabilities, as well as the centralized location.

This new equipment allows for shearing, baling and/or logging material(s) to provide prepared scrap metal materials to various markets, both domestic and overseas.

Modesto Junk Company conducted a detailed equipment search and evaluation to find the best solution to their future growth and selected the Metso Metal Recycling Equipment Model NCS 1016-10 CL70 2 x 130kW Shear/Baler/Logger. Jeff and Keith both state that they were impressed with the 1100-ton shearing force as well as the high compression force of the dual-articulating clamshell charge box that traps, folds and densifies the material(s). This 1100-ton combination shear will be the biggest and largest in Central California, weighing in at almost 250,000 lbs. The equipment is capable of cutting
through 7.5 inch solid round pieces of steel, and with the 39” inch wide shear throat, the new shear will be 50% faster than their current 24 inch wide shear throat for cutting and processing materials.

Metso’s North American Shear & Baler Product Manager, Bob Pfeffer, states that we are very excited with the opportunity to partner with Modesto Junk Company on this project, as it will be the first NCS Model Shear in California.

For more information, contact: Jeff Highiet at (209) 522-1435 • or Keith Highiet at (209) 522-1435 •

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