Modesto Junk Company, Inc. Recycling Center proudly announces sponsorship of the Gallo Center for the Arts’ presentation of ScrapArtsMusic. The performance will be held Saturday, January 31, 2009. For tickets, please visit

About ScrapArtsMusic (from the Gallo Arts web site):

Based in Vancouver, ScrapArtsMusic excites the senses with intricate rhythms, raw energy, athletic choreography & the hottest – and most inventive – reuse of materials on stage today. Fashioned from industrial scrap and offbeat materials ranging from accordion parts to artillery shells, its one-of-a-kind instruments are as visually striking as their music is sonically riveting. Audiences from four continents have welcomed this electrifying quintet with unbridled enthusiasm, embracing their intoxicating mix of music, movement and spectacle.

Transcending language, culture and age, ScrapArtsMusic offers a highly physical, wildly theatrical & thoroughly entertaining taste of the musical vanguard.