Are you looking to raise funds for your school?

A Green-at-School recycling fundraiser may be just the solution!

Modesto Junk Company, Inc. Recycling Center can help raise money for your school, student body council, or other schoolwide on-campus group. For years, we have helped raise thousands of dollars for local schools. We provide a free container for the collection of recycables (CRV aluminum cans, CRV glass bottles and CRV plastic bottles) and free pick-up service for items collected. Plus, we ensure highest prices paid!

School recycling programs are essential to creating community norms for recycling. A team of motivated teachers, staff and/or students are key to the success of a Green-at-School recycling fundraiser. Motivating those around you will help the program run smoothly.

Everyone benefits in helping to green the environment by recycling otherwise throw-away items from home and school, raising money for their school, and working in a team building way.

Please contact us Keith Highiet at (209) 522-1435, or by email at, to find out how Modesto Junk Company, Inc. Recycling Center can help you and your school achieve success through a Green-at-School recycling fundraiser.