Preventing Metal Theft at Our Scrap Metals Recycle Center

Since the company’s founding in 1920, Modesto Junk Company has remained committed honest business practices. HONESTY IS OUR POLICY. The Company is a long-time ally to local law enforcement agencies, and for many years (back to at least the 1970s, if not before) voluntarily submitted daily transaction receipts to the Modesto Police Department. Our due diligence has helped solve numerous metal theft and non-metal theft related crimes over the years!

Metal theft is a worldwide epidemic. Some scrap yard buyers knowingly purchase stolen metal from thieves; others don’t have proper procedures in places to detect possible stolen metal. Modesto Junk Company, Inc. • Recycling Center was California’s early leader in the scrap industry in combating metal thefts.

The Company initially shared its proven techniques to thwart metal thefts with local officials, who adopted an ordinance in Stanislaus County for metals recycling in the mid-2000s. The law was far stricter than the State of California’s then-current laws. At the Stanislaus County level, the metal theft law effort was spearheaded by Supervisor Jim DiMartini. Neighboring counties, however, didn’t have such laws on the books.

The Stanislaus County metal theft law was the model used a year later by the State of California to create a statewide metal theft law. This legislation (AB 844) was sponsored by Modesto/Stanislaus’ own Assemblyman Tom Berryhill. Now known as California Business and Professions Code 21600-21609.5, the came into effect on December 1, 2008.

Metal thefts remain a problem (we know, we’ve been a victim ourselves!); enforcement of the law is key. We encourage all to remain vigilant in combating such crimes. Take action to protect yourself from criminals! Do simple everyday things like locking doors and setting alarms. Take extra precaution by installing recording video surveillance equipment, and ensure areas that could be targeted are well lit.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll never – through human error – purchase stolen metal, but we do guarantee that we try our hardest not to do so. To learn more about how to recycle nonferrous scrap metal items (“The ABCs”: Aluminum, Brass, Copper and Stainless) at Modesto Junk Company – and at all metal recyclers in California – visit “Implementing Metal Theft Laws”. And always, please call with any questions at (209) 522-1435 or email