To The Valued Customers of Our Scrap Metals Recycle Center,

In an effort to better serve you, protect our employees, secure our environment, safeguard the needs of our community, and to help ensure a safe and injury free workplace, please become familiar with the policy regarding hazardous materials at our scrap metals recycle center: Downloadable and printable Prohibited Materials PDF.

Whether implied and/or stated, all customers are required to evacuate all hazardous materials in tanks, drums, containers or equipment prior to arrival on our site.  Such containers and equipment designated for scrap metal disposal must be evacuated/empty from flammable, combustible and/or any hazardous materials and liquids prior to arrival on company property.

We do not accept any sealed or enclosed tanks, tubes, or any other such container(s) that may be deemed hazardous. All tanks, tubes, drums, and containers of any and all types must be open or cut in half so they can be verified to have been evacuated/emptied of all liquids, vapors and other hazardous materials.

Thank you,

Modesto Junk Company Management

Together, we can keep safe and injury free!